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Fixing 301 Redirects in Chrome

I came across an issue this week where I accidentally added a 301 redirect to a page on a site I was working on. The issues was that Chrome aggressively caches 301 redirects, and as this had been added in error I needed to find a way to 'undo' the redirect. It took me quite a while to find the solution to this, but in the end it was deceptively simple.

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Creating a Rails Component using Komponent Part 2

Last time I walked through setting up a simple notice component that could display messages to a user, and communicate status using icons and color. In this post we'll devlop that component further to add some interactivity with Stimulus JS.

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Creating a Rails Component using Komponent

Following on from my last post about setting up a component based view system in Rails, I thought it would be good to share an example of building out a component in rails with the Komponent gem.

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Refactoring a Rails App to use Components

Early last year we wanted to overhaul the user interface of our app. I was keen to improve the structure of the app and ensure that the code became more readable and maintainable - at that point the app was about 6 years old and some of the view code had become overly complex and hard to follow.

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